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bat mitzvah trip

At "Tyul Mitzvah", we understand the great significance of a Bat Mitzvah trip for the family and especially for the girl celebrating. A Bat Mitzvah trip is a unique opportunity to celebrate a girl's first steps into the world of matriculation, while connecting to Jewish tradition and values. Our trips are designed to promote the deep understanding of the heritage and strengthen the family bond.

Family trip

Understanding that the trip is a shared experience for the whole family, we plan the activities to suit all ages and all participants. The trip includes visits to beautiful and exciting natural places, historical and fascinating routes that connect the past with the present.

אירוע בת מצווה עם טיול מצווה
אירוע בת מצווה עם טיול מצווה

Festive reception

We pay special attention to the welcome, to set the right tone for the trip. A reception includes a musical activity with drums and trumpets, which gives a sense of celebration and conveys an atmosphere of spiritual upliftment.


We will start the day with a rich and nutritious breakfast at one of the local restaurants, which will give all participants energy for the day's activities.

ארוחת בוקר באירוע בת מצווה עם טיול מצווה
ירושלים כחלק מטיול מצווה

Tour of heritage sites

Our tours are guided by experts in history and culture, who will emphasize the deep connection between the sites and the Jewish heritage. We will visit different places that tell inspiring stories and deepen the connection to the roots.

Family event at the restaurant

We will hold a family event in a restaurant or a private catering site, to provide a customized and intimate culinary experience that will complement the special experience of the day.

אירוע משפחתי במסעדה עם טיול מצווה
אטרקציה בטיול מצווה

Attractions by choice

The family can choose from a variety of attractions designed to enrich and enjoy the tour, including adventure activities, creative workshops, spiritual activities and more.

Workshops and lectures

A variety of lectures and workshops on topics such as Jewish heritage, feminism, history and culture, are designed to enrich and expand the knowledge and understanding of the participants in the trip.

סדנא בטיול מצווה

The experience on our Bat Mitzvah trip is designed to be not only festive and fun, but also empowering, connecting family members and deepening the roots of Jewish heritage, which ensures that every family leaves with meaningful memories and a perfect family experience.

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