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Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip in Carmel

Although many think that the Carmel has engraved coexistence on its flag, the truth is that the Carmel is a rare instance of existential diversity (there is not just two here, but diversity). In one mountain live Jews, Christians, Druze, Muslims, Baha'is, Ahmadis and more...

The beginning of the trip: a pampering breakfast

Our day begins in a real Israeli atmosphere at the Dada or Bat Shlomo winery, where you can enjoy a rich breakfast with wine, cheeses, breads and omelettes. From here, we start the trip with enthusiasm and anticipation of the experiences that await us.

ארוחת בוקר כחלק מטיול בר מצווה מאורגן
יערות הכרמל טיול מצווה

Connecting with nature

First walk along the Carmel paths, which offer spectacular views and colorful blooms in season. This is a great opportunity to connect with nature and consider the Mediterranean landscape overlooking from every corner.

Cultural and historical experiences

A visit to Har Yelalat Hatanim farm, which offers a unique mitzvah ceremony which can be religious or alternative, depending on the spirit and character of the family. Here, every experience will be customized to your wishes and needs.

הר יללת התנין בטיול בר מצווה מאורגן
פארק הכרמל וטיול מצווה

Walking tour

The rest of the day includes a walking tour in the wild nature of the Carmel, where we can talk, observe and even hold a small nature party if we feel like it.

Ceremony of Aliyah to the Torah

Although the trip focuses on nature, it is possible to incorporate a Torah ceremony as part of the mitzvah experience, when this is possible and coordinated in advance.

צילום מקצועי של טיול בר מצווה מאורגן

Documenting and photographing the Mitzvah trip

Throughout the trip, a professional photography team will accompany you to ensure that every special moment and every experience is preserved as a memory for generations.

A bar mitzvah trip is a bonding experience for the whole family

A Bar Mitzvah trip is not only a moment of transition for the boy celebrating, but a bonding and meaningful experience for the whole family. The trip allows all generations to experience Jewish values, history and traditions together at the holy and central sites of Israel. This is a great opportunity to strengthen family ties through joint activities, deep conversations and shared experiences that connect the younger generation with their parents and grandparents. Every activity during the trip is planned to enrich and deepen the knowledge about Israel and Judaism, and to create valuable memories that will accompany the family members for years.

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