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How much does a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip cost?

Here you can find detailed information about the costs of Bar and Bat Mitzvah trips, with an emphasis on transparency and adaptation to the needs and nature of your family. We offer diverse packages in different regions throughout the country from a one-day trip to a several-day trip, including options for tailor-made private events. We specialize in providing courteous service, while maintaining professionalism, a high level of content and added value which creates a spiritually enjoyable experience, and connects the whole group.

Budget planning for a perfect trip

At Tiul Mitzvah, we specialize in creating unforgettable family experiences, tailored to your needs and desires. The experience of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a significant moment in a family's life, and we are here to ensure that it is as perfect as possible.

With travel packages that are built according to many years of experience in the field of Israeli travel and cuisine, we offer spectacular one-day trips to the leading sites of the Land of Israel. Each package offers the possibility of personalization, to adapt the trip to your family in the best way.

Choose the package that suits you and we will help you formulate a tailored trip that connects and enriches. We guarantee smooth and efficient management of all the details, from the planning stage, until the day of the trip, to the digital memory book that will be sent to you at the end of the event, which you can share with your family members and friends and remember the rare Mitzvah trip you experienced.

The price of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip starts at: NIS 35,000

Additional experiences can be upgraded and added to each trip

טיול מצווה הפקת אירוע בר מצווה
אוכל ישראלי בהפקת אירוע בר מצווה

What is included in the price of the trips?

Our packages are one-day trip packages and you can build a trip with personal tailoring. So what do our packages include:

  • Day trips to one of the leading locations in Israel

  • A trip / event of several days

  • Bar Mitzvah ceremony in a synagogue

  • Close guide

  • Bus / limo-van (luxury minibus)

  • Meal / layouts / tasting tour / wineries

  • Take pictures + video

  • Urban tours / nature

  • attractions

  • Social activities

  • Culinary - a selection of restaurants and catering services

  • Cost of production and management of the trip

טיול מצווה ירושלים

Day trip package in Jerusalem

A Bar Mitzvah trip in Jerusalem offers a rich and comprehensive experience, with all the necessary services for an unforgettable day. The total costs for the trip are 45,000 NIS before VAT, a price suitable for a group of at least 20 people. Every detail of the trip is meticulous and planned to the last detail, to ensure the perfect experience for every participant.

Details of the services and their costs:

  • Attached guide: 2,200 NIS

  • Air-conditioned bus: NIS 3,200

  • Breakfast in the restaurant: 150-250 NIS per person

  • Exclusive reception at the Ash HaTorah center (includes observation from the roof): 2,000-3,500 NIS

  • A tour of the old city

  • Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall

  • Lunch at a restaurant or private event garden: 7,000 NIS

  • Stills photographer: 5,000 NIS

  • Videographer: 10,000 NIS

Possible upgrades:
The experience can be upgraded with entry to additional sites and private tours of the City of David and the Wall Tunnels.
A private ceremony at the Davidson Center or at an exclusive location in the Old City with a private chef.
An additional cost for each additional participant in the trip starts from 350 NIS to 650 NIS per person, depending on the upgrade options and the selected services. The experience includes everything required to create an exciting and profound memory for the whole family.


The Tel Aviv bar mitzvah package includes the following items:

An opportunity to take the cool vibe of the vibrant city and transform it into a substantial family experience.

  • Attached guide: 2,200 NIS

  • Bus: 3,200 NIS

  • Morning spread / breakfast: 150-250 NIS

  • A tour of Tel Aviv

  • Bar Mitzvah ceremony: held in the Great Synagogue, Ohel Moed or in a special space

  • Lunch: 250-550 NIS

  • Videographer: 5,000 NIS

  • Stills photographer: 10,000 NIS

Upgrade options for a trip to Tel Aviv:

  • Sewing a unique mitzvah ceremony: price according to hours of creative work and application.

  • Headphone party: a special experience with headphones that correspond with the music, 150 NIS per person.

  • Aerial experience in a squadron simulator: a wet experience of excellence between 350 and 1,500 NIS per person.

  • A visit to the Peres Peace Center: an opportunity to learn from the example of Shimon Peres with pricing of 1,500 NIS per group.

  • Tasting tour in Levinsky market: a tour that connects to the diverse Jewish cuisine, 1,200 NIS for instruction + 150 NIS per person for tasting

טיול מצווה צל אביב
טיול מצווה בכרמל

Bar/Bat Mitzvah package in Carmel - how much does it cost?

A bar/bat mitzvah trip in Carmel? Carmel is considered a holy mountain for all these religions and whoever decides to celebrate his mitzvah trip on the green mountain invites himself to a different kind of experience, an experience of connection to nature and human diversity for its multitude of manifestations and worldviews.

We start the day at the Dada / Bat Shlomo winery where the group will gather. Wine, cheese, bread and omelettes, this is how Israelis start the morning. And heyda, we went for a trip an anemone we didn't pick because it is a protected flower but there are enough other things to do. Walking the Carmel paths is an experience of connection to the green shade of creation, to colorful blossoms (in season) and the view of the sea that can be seen from all sides. After the trip, we gather at Har Yelalat HaTanim farm for lunch and a unique mitzvah ceremony. The ceremony can be religious or alternative, we are here for you to allow you to celebrate as your soul wants to be sanctified and we have a variety of ideas on how to do it. After that we will have Hafela with a Druze meal of Muna / on the grill from an indulgent meat / chef.

The Carmel Mitzvah trip package includes:

  • Attached guide 2,200 NIS

  • Bus 3,200 NIS

  • Morning layout / A. Morning 150-250 NIS

  • A walking tour of Carmel

  • Mitzvah ceremony at Mount Yelalat HaTanim

  • Lunch 250-550 NIS

  • Videographer 5,000 NIS

  • Stills photographer 10,000 NIS

The event can be upgraded:

  • surfing workshop

  • A delightful tasting tour in the Wadi Nisnas market

  • A tour of the Talpiot market

  • Mission games in the lower city of Haifa / Zichron Yaakov

  • You can invite a guest artist such as: a musician who will play the songs that the family loves, a comedian who will learn the family secrets and make everyone laugh , a chef who will prepare your delicacies just in a slightly different style...


A bar/bat mitzvah package in the Golan - how much does it cost?

Since the Galilee and the Golan are relatively far for most residents of the country, we invite you to consider a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip in the Golan region of more than one day. In that case we can offer you accommodation in one of Israel's boutique and luxury hotels or alternatively allow us to set up a luxurious glamping complex for you which will allow us to hold an evening event in another league.

The Galil Golanit Mitzvah trip package includes:

  • Attached guide 2200 / Erez 5500

  • Bus up to 50 people / limovan up to 20 places 4200 (from the center to the north and back on the same day)

  • Breakfast in the restaurant 150-250 / winery / layout in the area of 4000

  • Hiking

  • Bar Mitzvah ceremony at Umm El Qanatir

  • Play Latex 1500

  • Lunch at a restaurant / winery / layout in the area of 7000

  • Stills 5000 photographer

  • Videographer 10,000

  • Cruising in Jordan / Savannahs

  • According to a minimum of 20 people

  • Total 35,000 our price

  • Production NIS 10,000

  • Starting at 43,000 + VAT

  • Each additional participant from 350-650 per person

Upgrade options

  • Erez's personal training

  • Bungee swing

  • Raisers trip

  • Private chef for the field

  • Glamping complex starting from NIS 55,000 per night for 20 people including morning and evening

טיול מצווה בגולן

Arava - Eilat trip package

The Arava and Eilat region sends us to a particularly surprising land. A Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip in Eilat and its deserts offer a spectacular and colorful show which is a wonderful background for experiences of connection to nature and the soul. It is not by chance that some of the greatest believers of all time received their inspiration in the desert.

Imagine in your mind's eye a group of loved ones going south in a pampering bus.

The Eilat Arab Mitzvah trip package includes:

  • Adjoining guide for two days 4400

  • Attached car for two days 9000

  • Morning at a farm 120 per person

  • Accommodation in a Bedouin tent

  • Authentic lunch 100

  • Ancient crafts workshop

  • stills photographer

  • Lunch in area 200

  • Accommodation + spa at Reef 350

Price according to a minimum of 20 people - 49,500

Upgrade options

  • Razor trip 2 hours 650 per vessel

  • Sheep herding workshop

  • Videographer - Docu - Trailer / Reel - Storyteller

** Does not include hotel / accommodation / glamping

טיול מצווה בערבה
טיול בר מצווה בישראל ים המלח

Mitzvah trip to the desert and the Dead Sea - Negev, Masada and Dead Sea trip package

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and not many people have the courage to choose it at all... on a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip to the Dead Sea and its side ,

Going out on a full moon night for a walk in the white light only. Walking at night among the desert paths is an opportunity to experience a unique inner journey. The group will connect with itself through silence, meaningful conversation, meditation in the dark and listening to uninterrupted sounds. At sunrise we reach the lowest place in the world, the Dead Sea. While we are floating in the salty water, we will combine a watsu / hydrotherapy workshop in which everyone participates. A magical, healthy and pleasant way to welcome the heat and the morning.

How much does a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip cost in the Dead Sea and Mesa?

  • Personal training of Erez 7500

  • Assistant guide 1500

  • Bus up to 50 / limovan up to 20 4200

  • Refreshments for walking in the area of 1500

  • Dead Sea Watsu workshop 3500 for 20 people

  • Breakfast at the hotel + use of spa facilities 350 per person

  • Entrance to Masada 30 per person

  • Light lunch spread 75 per person

  • A. Evening 300 per person

  • Stills 5000 photographer

Price per 20 people - from 48,000

Upgrade options

  • Watsu therapist for each participant 350 per hour

  • Playing sounds for the course of treatment in the Dead Sea 1800

  • Rental of Mount Masada for an exclusive private ceremony 3000

  • Razors trip 650 per tool

  • Upgraded space layout with catering and 5000 seating areas

  • Design

  • Give away gifts

  • Videographer - Docu - Trailer / Reel - Storyteller

טיול מצווה נגב
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