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About a Mitzvah trip

Erez Landau Mitzvah trip

Nice to meet you

Welcome to 'Tyul Mitzvah', the place where every trip becomes a deep and exciting family experience. At 'Tyul Mitzvah', we specialize in creating specially organized trips for Bar and Bat Mitzvah events throughout Israel, with a deep integration of Jewish values and a connection to the Jewish heritage and the spectacular landscapes of the Land of Israel.

Our Mission

At Tiul Mitzvah, our mission is to create unique and exciting experiences that connect people to the Jewish heritage, the landscapes of the country and the local culture. We are committed to giving every customer an unforgettable experience that combines values, spirituality and pleasure. With rich experience in planning and producing personalized trips, we aim to give every family the perfect trip, which will create shared memories that will remain in the hearts of the participants for a lifetime.

Erez Landau Mitzvah trip
Erez Landau Mitzvah trip

Over 20 years of experience in guiding tours

Erez Landau, founder of Mitzvah Travel and owner of the boutique travel company Erez Israel, is a leading figure in the field of tourism and event production in Israel. With over 20 years of rich experience in producing special boutique tours, Erez offers unforgettable experiences that combine the country's rich history, spectacular landscapes and local culture.

Among Erez Landau's clients

As a certified tour guide and a graduate of a tour guide course, Erez has extensive knowledge about the various tourist sites in Israel. As part of Erez Israel, he produces customized trips for the world's leading companies and organizations, tailored exactly to the needs and desires of the customers. Among Erez's clients are leading companies in the world such as Microsoft, AT&T, Google, Palo Alto, Walmart, Salesforce, HP, XT, Ebay, Champion Motors, Wiz, Check and many others. Erez was chosen to guide and accompany tours for senior figures from the world of business and tourism, and received many praises for the investment, professionalism and personalization of each tour.

Erez Landau hiking guide
A happy family on a bar mitzvah trip

Strengthening family ties

We believe that a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah trip is a unique opportunity to strengthen family ties and share moments of love, excitement and connection. Therefore, we carefully plan and implement every detail of the trip, from transportation and hospitality to special activities and spiritual ceremonies, to ensure that the experience is perfect.

Together we will create experiences and memories

Join us on an unforgettable journey in the State of Israel, discover the richness and beauty of Jewish culture and the landscape of the Holy Land, and celebrate one of the most important moments in life in the most exciting and meaningful way possible. 'Mitzvah Trip' is here to make every trip a journey of a lifetime.

Bar Mitzvah celebrations in Old Jerusalem
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