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Jewish heritage sites

We invite you to a fascinating experience following Jewish history and heritage at the central and holy sites in Israel. Each of the sites we visit provides a deep experience and leads to a deeper understanding of Jewish history and culture.


The city of Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish people, is one of the central sites in any trip to heritage sites. The Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the City of David, and the Jewish Quarter are just some of the holy and historical places we will visit. Each of them tells the ancient story of this city that was and is the home of the three monotheistic religions.

טיול בר מצווה מאורגן בירושלים
מצפה רמון בטיול מצווה

Mitzpe Ramon and Sde Boker

Mitzpe Ramon, a unique geological point in the Negev, offers breathtaking views and an opportunity to learn about the geology and paleontology of the region. Sde Boker, the place where David Ben-Gurion lived and died, allows a historical experience about the first leader of the State of Israel.

The Dead Sea and its side

The Dead Sea, the lowest sea in the world, and Masada, the historical site where the Jewish heroes faced the Romans, are must-sees on any historical tour. The stories about courage and perseverance are passed down from generation to generation and strengthen the connection to the land and the history of the Jewish people.

טיול בר מצווה מאורגן בים המלח ומצדה
טיול בר מצווה מאורגן בגליל והגולן

Carmel, Galilee and Golan

Carmel, with its green and mountainous landscapes, and the Galilee and the Golan, with its basalt mountains and picturesque lakes, offer tours of nature reserves and ancient cultural sites, such as Safed and Acre, which provide a rich spiritual and historical experience.

In 'Tyul Mitzvah', we make sure to combine history, culture, and religion in each of the places we visit, to give you a comprehensive and in-depth heritage experience. Contact us to plan your next trip to Jewish heritage sites.

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