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We offer an excellent culinary experience that combines catering services, tastings at the leading and fascinating wineries and restaurants in Israel and the family experience. This experience is an integral part of any trip and helps to enrich the cultural and historical experience in Israel.

Special culinary experiences

We believe that food is part of the culture and history of a place, which is why we offer cooking workshops, visits to local wineries and fresh markets, and even chef meals at special locations. All of these allow you to taste the local cuisine in the most authentic and exciting way possible.

קולנריה בטיול בר מצווה

Restaurants and local food

Every trip we organize includes visits to select restaurants where you can enjoy the best of Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine. We choose restaurants that are not only excellent in the food they serve, but are also located in locations with a spectacular view or with added historical value.

wine tasting

Israel, with a rich and varied winemaking tradition, offers visitors wine tasting experiences in wineries throughout the country. From the Galilee to the Negev, each region offers wines with a unique character that reflects its terroir. A visit to the wineries includes guided tours where you can learn about the wine production process and taste the best wines that the wineries produce.

Culinary tours in the markets

You cannot experience Israeli cuisine without visiting one of the colorful markets. These tours allow tasting a variety of traditional street foods, such as hummus, falafel, and sabih, while experiencing the smells, colors and flavors that fill the air.

טיול בר מצווה מאורגן בארץ - שוק לוינסקי

Catering services

For participants interested in extra privacy or special events, we provide gourmet catering services that are based on fresh, high-quality ingredients. Leading chefs will be at your disposal to create a menu that is customized to everyone's tastes and dietary requirements.

At a 'Mitzvah trip', every taste and every bite is part of your journey in Israel, and we are here to ensure that every meal is an experience in itself

Contact us to plan your next culinary experience during your trip to Israel

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