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Accommodation on a Mitzvah trip

During a mitzvah trip, the experience does not end with the end of the daily activities. We make sure that accommodation is an integral part of the adventure, in first class hotels throughout the country. The choice of accommodation is a key element in the success of the trip, and we offer a variety of pampering and special accommodation options that will provide you with all the comfort and pampering you deserve. From luxury hotels with breathtaking views to glamping under the sky, every detail is carefully planned to ensure a perfect experience. While you enjoy quality time with your family, we will make sure that your stay will be a bonding and relaxing experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Accommodation options

Pampering hotels, pastoral lodges or glamping options in nature - all of these can add to the experience and suit every style and budget. Whether you are looking for maximum pampering and comfort or a more intimate experience close to nature, there are a wide variety of places suitable for every family.

אוהל גלמפינג בטיול מצווה
מלון גלי כנרת

Hotels for a luxurious experience for the whole family

During a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip, we take care of accommodation in first-class hotels throughout the country. Here are some of our recommended hotels:

  • Bershit Hotel (Mitzpe Ramon): one of the most prestigious hotels in Israel, offers a breathtaking view of the Ramon Crater. Suitable for those who want to combine luxury accommodation with nature experiences.

  • The Mitzpe Himim Hotel (Galil): a luxurious boutique hotel located in the heart of the lush Galilee landscape, offering a relaxing and unique experience.

  • Pra Hotel (Upper Galilee): a unique boutique hotel with an unusual design that combines old and new, with an amazing view of the Upper Galilee.

  • Marom Golan Hotel (Golan Heights): A hotel located in the heart of the Golan Heights, provides a pleasant rural lodging experience with a spectacular view of the mountains and valleys.

  • The Scottish Hotel (Tiberias): a historic hotel with a unique atmosphere, combining elements of ancient construction with modern comfort.

  • Gali Kinneret Hotel (Tiberias): a pampering hotel on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, offering an experience of calmness and peace alongside spectacular views.

  • David's Castle Hotel (Jerusalem): a luxury hotel in the center of Jerusalem with an amazing view of the Old City.

  • Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Jerusalem): A luxury hotel that offers services of the highest level and unparalleled comfort, in a central location in Jerusalem.

  • Inbal Hotel (Jerusalem): a luxury hotel that provides a luxurious accommodation experience in the heart of Jerusalem.

  • King David Hotel (Jerusalem): one of the most famous and prestigious hotels in Israel, with a rich history and excellent services.

  • The Harrods Dead Sea Hotel: a luxury hotel located on the shores of the Dead Sea, offers a relaxing and unique experience with a pampering spa and mud treatments.

  • Isrotel Nevo Dead Sea Hotel: A luxurious hotel with an amazing view of the Dead Sea, offers a variety of activities and maximum comfort.

  • Milos Dead Sea Hotel: a modern hotel with a relaxed atmosphere, especially suitable for families and couples.

Glamping under the sky on a mitzvah trip

For those looking for an experience closer to nature, we offer glamping - luxury camping in particularly pampering conditions. Glamping allows you to sleep under the sky with all the comfort of a hotel:

Glamping in the desert: accommodation in luxurious complexes in the Judean desert or the Arava, with all the services required for an unforgettable experience. Can be combined with jeep tours, camel trips and other desert activities.

Glamping in the Galilee and the Golan: luxurious glamping complexes in the heart of the wild nature of the Galilee and the Golan. The luxury tents are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable night, and can be combined with field trips, horseback riding and creative workshops.

Whether you choose to stay in a luxury hotel or go on an adventure in nature with glamping, we will make sure that your experience will be unforgettable, full of comfort and pleasure.

גלמפינג תחת כיפת השמים בטיול מצווה
ספא מפנק בטיול מצווה


A good hotel can provide not only a place to stay but also a host of other services such as a pool, spa, restaurant and fitness center, which increase the enjoyment of the trip. The right choice will help ensure that the family can refresh and relax after a busy day of activities.

A local food experience at the hotel

The dining room in an authentic Israeli hotel offers a culinary experience that combines flavors from the local cuisine. Every day begins with a rich selection of traditional breakfast dishes, including fresh salads, local cheeses and warm pastries. The lunch and dinner meals are varied and spicy, including hot and cold dishes that present the best of Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine.

מלון גלי כנרת ליד הכנרת. זאת מסעדת המלון של אסף גרניט
שירות קייטרינג שף בטיול מצווה

The catering options in glamping

Glamping on a Mitzvah trip not only provides luxurious accommodation in nature, but also offers unforgettable culinary experiences. Whether you prefer private catering services or the personal touch of a private chef, the options are varied and suit every taste. You can order private chefs to prepare customized gourmet meals for you, with rich and unique chef dishes. The meals are served under the sky, in magical locations that add to the experience that includes a romantic and magical atmosphere. Every meal is a celebration of flavors, aromas and views, combining the best local and fresh products to create an unforgettable culinary experience for the whole family.

A bar mitzvah trip is a bonding experience for the whole family

A bar mitzvah trip is an extraordinary opportunity to bring all the family members together in exciting and unforgettable experiences. Whether you chose to spend the nights in a luxurious hotel with a spectacular view or in a pampering glamping under the sky, shared accommodation strengthens family bonds and enhances the overall experience. While you enjoy the magical views, shared meals and varied activities, you create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. The shared family experience of a Bar Mitzvah trip gives you the opportunity to deepen interpersonal relationships and connect with each other in a way you will not forget.

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